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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation/Consulting_72Alternative Dispute Resolution 

Mutually satisfying solutions make good sense at a time when people are involved in a conflict. Mediation is a cooperative process in which a neutral, third party professional helps to develop solutions to the issues at hand.

Mediation is used in civil cases including family law and personal injury law. In family law mediation, couples can create solutions that recognize the unique circumstances of their family and their children. In personal injury mediations, clients are given the opportunity to reach a settlement without incurring the large expense of going to trial.

In collaborative law, the lawyers provide guidance to their clients so that the parties may reach a fair and reasonable agreement. There may be other agencies such as counselors and psychologists involved to reach a mutual agreement. Attorneys are not adversarial in this process. Lorch Naville Ward attorney Linda B. Lorch has completed collaborative law training.

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